Firms Sustainability Statement 

​The Firm

SKLARchitecture is an award winning architectural and interior design firm made up of a multidisplinary team, developing solutions that work. The firm, founded by Ari Sklar, creates practical and breathtaking architecture primarily in the commercial, institutional, hospitality and luxury residential arena. The team balances both modern aesthetics with environmental concerns. Sustainability in design is not seen as an additional element of the firm, but as an integral part in creating a healthy lifestyle.

​The Experience & Clientele

​The firms mission is to encompass the client into a world of high quality design by providing an artistic vision and the technological expertise that brings any project to fruition. The company works with consultants and clients alike, in order to develop a design that reaches mutual exclusivity. With the combined knowledge of seasoned architects' and new ground-breaking ideas, it boasts over eighty-five (85) years of quality experience.

As with all projects, the firm strives to maximize the quality of the built environment, while minimizing the negative impacts of the natural environment. Benefits with sustainable design elements include use of renewable energy, better air quality, decreased use of natural resources, lower air pollutants, lower green house emissions, and increased water efficiency. The firm is in the architecture forefront, promoting the use of sustainable design elements in each their buildings.

​SKLARchitecture has participated in a variety of projects with in the United States and the Caribbean, ranging from public, private, institutional to commercial properties. Some of the high profile clients include Grammy® Award Winning Artist Lenny Kravitz, Anthony Kennedy - Shriver, and Julio Iglesias. Corporate clients include Starwood Latin America, Telemedia Cable, The National Parkinson Foundation, Miami Children's Hospital, Fuddruckers Inc., The Original Pancake House and The Jackie Gleason Theater.

The Green Pledge

SKLARchitecture works with locally harvested materials, utilizing renewable sources of energy and designing buildings that decrease finite resources. With the innovative technologies of today, the company will continue to integrate an “intelligent” system that supports resource consciousness. SKLARchitecture understands that designing a piece of the American dream has a large part to do with responsibility, including keeping it alive for future generations. The firm is proud to be on the forefront of environmental stewardship, leading the way by promoting energy-saving procedures making consciousness choices for the well being of the clients, the ecosystem, and the patrons that will encompass the space.

Sustainability (Goals & Vision)

​Sustainability design encourages energy and water efficiency, resulting in consciousness of non-renewable natural resources. Green architecture is much more than decreasing environmental effects to the planet but consistently evaluating the connection between society and nature. It is the holistic method utilized to integrate environmental concerns into each and every aspect of the design process, from conception to execution.

​SKLARchitecture strives to be in the architecture forefront, implementing sustainable architectural elements within the design for each building. The company continues to implement environmental technologies in new and retrofit construction projects while working towards long-term success. With constant industry innovations, the company will continue to incorporate new methods that support environmental awareness consistently.

​a. Performance Building
b. Improve Indoor Air Quality
c. Improve the Efficiency of Safer Environments
d. Design Integration
e. Eco - Friendly Products
f. Value to the End Result
​g. Longer Lasting Disaster Preparedness

Recent Projects:

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