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            Oscar Sklar

Oscar Sklar is Managing Partner and seasoned architect for SKLARchitecture  Oscar is responsible for pioneering and integrating design with the highest quality of architecture within the firm.  With an excess of 15,000,000 SF of office, residential, and mixed use projects; he is truly a valued member of the executive staff.  SKLARchitecture is an award winning, comprehensive architectural and interior design firm established in 1996, with a passion for developing one of a kind design projects.   

​Mr. Sklar graduated from the esteemed Pratt Institute - School of Architecture with a Bachelor of Architecture.  He is a licensed architect within the State of Florida, New York and Washington D.C., and is N.C.A.R.B Certified.  Since its inception the firm has evolved, with the imaginative energy of its principal and the efficiency to deliver from its exceptional staff.  With his direction the firm continues to grow and strive for excellence in design. 

​Oscar Sklar is a luminous innovator, with more than thirty-five years of experience.  He engages the staff with a rich history of unique interior design, signature architecture and cutting edge diagrams.  With a multitude of projects under his belt, he has flawlessly redesigned the urban landscape of Florida.  He has completed a diverse array of small, medium and large-scale specialty designs to meet the precise budgetary needs of the client.  Mr. Sklar continues to blow away the competition with his stunning retail, luxury residential, hospitality, institutional, educational, recreation, and transportation designs with consistent feasibility.

Beyond his professional area of expertise, Mr. Sklar is involved in several philanthropic and civic activities including the American Institute of Architects in Miami, Member of Florida Board of Architects, Consultant for Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), Bay Harbor Development Association Vice President, Bay Harbor Island Design.

           Ari Sklar

Ari Sklar is the Principal Architect for SKLARchitecture and the innovative vision behind all design and implementation of projects. SKLARchitecture is a comprehensive architectural and interior design firm founded in 1996, with a passion for creating sensual and evocative projects.  The firm is centrally located in sunny South Florida, fifteen minutes from Downtown Fort Lauderdale and twenty minutes from Miami Beach in the City of Hollywood, Florida.  Ari drives a highly skilled team with an expertise in developing unique architecture, interiors, landscape and urban renovation.  With his direction the company reaches diverse urban fabrics, corporations and districts alike.  Following in the legacy of his father, highly acclaimed architect Oscar Sklar, he continues to redefine the business by striving for excellence in architecture.  

​Ari Sklar graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture and Minor in Industrial Management with Honors from the elite Carnegie Mellon University located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.   He is a licensed architect within the State of Florida and is N.C.A.R.B Certified, with more than fifteen years of experience.  Ari Sklar cultivated his professional training by soaking up his fathers’ discipline over a span of forty plus years.  His background in technology has aided SKLARchitecture in precisely weaving the aesthetic aspects of a project to the direct financial growth of the firm.  He has truly transformed this company into one of the most innovative architecture and design facilities in the Southeast. 

​Ari Sklar is a brilliant innovator -- leading the firm from each angle of architecture, development, interior design and 3-D image modeling.  Ari is currently in the forefront, implementing sustainable elements within the skin of each his buildings; a practice that is scarce in the state.  Ari continues to achieve the maximum ecological equilibrium through new and retrofit construction, working towards long term feasibility and the humanization of design.  His firm is whole heartedly committed to selecting locally harvested materials, utilizing renewable sources of energy and designing buildings that decrease the consumption of finite resources.  He has revolutionized and increased the firms’ earning potential by expanding the business development concepts and practices.  Mr. Sklar has directed his team in ADA compliance, institutional, commercial, educational facilities, entertainment, financial, interior design, multi-family, mixed-use, private luxury homes, renovation, and restoration.  With his guidance the firm has realized over 30,000,000 SF of functional and vibrant architecture meeting the precise budgetary needs of the client.

​Beyond his professional realm, Mr. Sklar is involved in philanthropic and civic activities including the American Institute of Architects in Miami and Founding Member of Young Architect Forum.

​This young revolutionary mastermind has received numerous awards of distinction from AIA and the Silver Award for Best of South Florida from South Beach Builders Association.  He continues to bridge the gap between the world of design utilizing a kaleidoscope of colors, reinterpreting the classics and creating high impact spaces.